Frank Kern Vimeo Channel Launched To Feature Frank Kern Interviews, Training, And Testimonials

Frank Kern

Frank Kern

Frank Kern has been recorded on video dozens of times in seminars, training, interviews, and from video testimonials of his clients. Unfortunately all of these Frank Kern videos are dispersed over hundreds of different Youtube channels from different users without one concise place for someone to find all the best videos.

Last week, a new Frank Kern Vimeo channel was launched in order to syndicate the best of Frank Kern.

"We actually acquired the channel a year ago when we found the ‘FrankKern’ username was available but since then, it has just sat as we have worked on other projects. Now we plan on filling out the Vimeo channel with a compilation of the best videos of Frank that we can find," said Frank Kern’s Social Branding SEO manager Rick Porter.

The channel plans on featuring useful training, funny video clips, and video testimonials from clients and even celebrities such as Tony Robbins as featured in this video.

"Frank Kern has a lot of fans, and we want to make sure it’s easier for the internet community to find the video material that is out there on the web while also encouraging fans to go to the channel and engage with comments. Vimeo can provide a great social experience just like Youtube does, and since most all the videos are already on Youtube, we wanted to diversify the content and provide it on," said Porter.

The new Frank Kern video channel can be found here at

About: Frank Kern is a marketing consultant in La Jolla, CA working with entrepreneurs to help them double, triple, and even quadruple their business using his innovative online marketing strategies. For more information on consulting or coaching opportunities with Frank, visit his official website at

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Practices That Receive Good results In Bootcamp Marketing

You might be familiar with some online marketing and general business related bootcamps on the net. One thing I have noticed is there’s often a learning curve involved with marketing on a fitness boot camp. Even so, we are not simply talking about web marketing fitness boot camps because there are tons of fitness boot camps not related to business. While most boot camps post their guidelines, still you will find unwritten rules overseeing how you approach doing business on a fitness boot camp. Possibly the one underlying rule for any bootcamp, though, is to conduct yourself in a manner so you develop a positive presence. Certainly we all have our individual personalities, but if you want to build positive business associations, or get business from a bootcamp, then you essentially need to be a positive force.  Bedros Keuilian is an excellent resource for personal trainer marketing.

If you are new to a bootcamp, then the best thing to do, initially, is learn the landscape or the setting you are operating within. We have often found it helpful to sit back and patiently look at the people and what they are speaking about. Not surprisingly, all bootcamps contain a part of the people who started them, and then that also is accurate for the bulk of people in the bootcamp. You definitely should refrain from thinking you can assert yourself in a manner that runs entirely counter to the unique culture that each bootcamp has. Therefore for a short while you will be on a quest to learn and obtain facts about the boot camp culture.

Most likely one of the toughest moves you can make is look like you are blatantly promoting something. If you’re in a non-marketing online community, you will discover that many have had their fill of the common web business owner. They will not likely accept outright advertising, and they have seen enough to know it when it is taking place. Many boot camps will not permit marketing or promoting of anything, and as an effect you shouldn’t waste your time there. In such discussion boards, you can’t even try to send a message with a little promo in it mainly because you will be immediately gone for good.

At some point you have to become acknowledged, and the very best way to do that is to basically give helpful material. It will come to be very important for the other fitness boot camp members to consider you with as much expert reputation as possible. Your expert status is the base of your success in any discussion board, and you should constantly work to get it and then maintain it. You are there for business purposes, and to that end you simply must realize what you are talking about. The one thing that you have to ensure is the info you impart about your selected subject. You do have to be very careful if you are not an expert, and in that event you cautiously choose what you say and what concerns you answer. People will appreciate it if you work with the conversation  and offer solid suggestions and  assistance in a relaxed and  considerate  way.

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